Will I be on MLS (Multiple Listings Service)?

Yes, your house will be on MLS. Your listing will also be on our own website, in our dynamic property gallery, and may even become a featured listing on our home page!

Do I really I get full service for 3.75%?

Yes. You get all the services you expect, like a detailed market analysis of your home, professional negotiation and offer processing and more. Plus you get the benefit of a team of 4 professionals looking out for your interests. We think our community deserves top notch service for less.

What’s the Flat Rate Community?

Our community of satisfied clients is a growing all the time. Throughout the year we hold contests to give back to the community, and as a client you’re automatically entered. We also give back to the community in other ways, through charity and community events.

Can I save even more if I find my own buyer?

Yes you can, we call it the Seller Support Program. If you find your own buyer and they purchase your home through Flat Rate, you’ll save even more. On a $250,000 home your share of the buyer’s realtor commission would be almost $4,000!

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